Acrylic on nautical chart by Jennifer Winship Mark
The painting I created in the window at Muse Art and Design to benefit  Schoolhouse supply

It was very interesting painting at Muse the other day. Thanks  for all your feedback on what subject I should paint. It helped me to make the choice of painting in my "nautical chart" style.    I ended up painting a sailboat in the Humbolt Bay area in Northern California.  It was a fun experience painting in a public place with all the comings and goings of artists, children and characters.  The great part is I got to know Peter the very cool owner of Muse Art Supply. He is a really good guy with a lot of  art and people knowledge.
When you hang around someone's work place for 5 hours and listen to them interact with kids, parents, artists, employees, crazy phone calls and the occasional street lunatic, you find out what they are truly made of as a person.    Peter is an amazingly kind and incredibly knowledgeable artist that happens to own an art store.  He knows so much  about art supplies and techniques and he really listens to artists and their ideas so he can better help them through their creative process and encourage them along the way. It was a real pleasure hanging out as "living, breathing window display".  I learned a lot about artists and the business of dealing with  artists!  
Check out the blog post that was created by an Art Institute student that hung out with me that day.The facts are a little "garbled ", but you will get the gist. You can also see the process of what I painted .
Beside sharing my painting techniques ,exchanging artistic ideas  and chatting with the varied  artists that came through the door  I actually got time to paint.  This is something I haven't done enough of lately.   I  secretly must admit the best part of my day at Muse was discovering some funky new art supplies  from Peter.  Hopefully many of these new ideas can be incorporated into some of   our upcoming Open Eye Art events. 

If you are interested in checking out all the Artist A Day art then click here. There was some great art at great prices that auctioned off last week.  Hopefully next year you will get a chance to bid on some of the great art work.
If you happen to be hanging around the Hawthorne area and you  need some inspiration or just want to chat about creativity, stop by and say hi to 
Peter ,  Hawthorn's nicest guy,at

Muse on 4224 SE Hawthorne.
Thanks for helping me out with your feedback,
Jenny Mark