Openeyeart 2011
Healing Trees
This is a detail from a series of birch panels that are
painted in acrylic depicting a clump of aspen trees. First we painted the trees then brought them into Legacy and performed our Open Eye Art Transition workshop . Legacy employees, staff and doctors learned about using words as art. Each tree scar became a canvas and place for each person to pay tribute to someone special or just give some valuable healing and life advice. It was a very touching and moving workshop.Legacy now has a series of 6 large panels (4' x 6') that can be hung vertically.  They are not only beautiful but grand and full of inspiration.

Openeyeart 2011

Bouncing Through Life
This is one panel from a series of birch panels that are painted with acrylic and a special water soluble crayon. Each employee was able to add their own unique ball. The amazing thing about this series of panels is their sheer size. Each of the 6 panels is 4' x 8'
Most likely this artwork will be hung sideways going down a long corridor. Can you imaging 48' of bouncing balls? Talk about "fun energy"!

                                                                     Openeyeart 2011
Kevin Norwood, Emily Sasser, Cathy Christensen, Edna Kimmons

Butterfly and Bug Silhouettes
This is one of 15 canvases painted by the Legacy employees, staff and doctors . Each canvas was created by a team of 4 individuals. Open Eye Art later took these back to the studio and painted the black silhouette around each colorful image. All of these were painted silently with beautiful music and a sense of adventure.
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